Minibar package

All rooms provide access to a small refrigerator. These are not standardly stocked.
Upon arrival, you can purchase a Valk Minibar Package for € 12.50 per package. 
Should you prefer a stocked refrigerator at arrival, please indicate so in your reservation. We will ensure that the package is waiting for you in the refrigerator in your room.

Content package:

  • 2 bottles Heineken beer (30cl)
  • 1 bottle Lipton ice (20cl)
  • 1 bottle Pepsi Cola (20cl)
  • 1 bottle Sourcy naturel (50cl)
  • 1 bottle red wine (18.7cl)
  • 1 bottle white wine (18.7cl)
  • 1 x bag of M&M’s with nuts
  • 1 x bag of Lay’s paprika
  • 1 x bag of Lay’s natural