Minibar package

All rooms provide access to a small refrigerator, these are not standardly stocked.
Upon arrival, you can purchase a Valk Minibar Package for € 12.50 per package. We offer a minibar package with 4 drinks and 2 snacks of your choice. After booking the minibar package, we will contact you to note your choices. If you have reserved the minibar package with us in advance, we will ensure that the package is waiting for you in the refrigerator in your room.

The minibar package can be filled with a choice of the following drinks and snacks:

  • bottle Heineken beer (30 cl)
  • bottle Radler or Radler 0.0%
  • bottle Fuze Tea Black or Fuze Tea Green (20 cl)
  • bottle Coca Cola or Coca Cola Zero (20 cl)
  • bottle Spa Rood (sparkling) or Spa Blauw (still)
  • bottle red wine or white wine (18.7 cl)
  • M&M's with peanuts, Twix, Snickers, Mars
  • Crocky natural or pepper