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Seniors couple in brasserie

Seniors Arrangement

We have come up with something fun for our seniors, namely the 4-day Senior Package. We offer the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings at Van der Valk Hotel Groningen-Hoogkerk. In the morning you can enjoy our …
€ 294.00
From price p.p.
 summer terrace

Summer Package

Experience the summer in your own country this year with a 3-, 4- or 5-day High Summer Package at Van der Valk Hotel Groningen-Hoogkerk! Sniffing culture in the city of Groningen and relaxing in the De Onlanden …
€ 201.00
From price p.p.
3=2 or 4=3 mini vacation van der valk hoogkerk

3=2 or 4=3

Enjoy a wonderful mini holiday in the north of the Netherlands. Explore the city of Groningen and all the beauty the province has to offer. Our hotel is located between city and countryside; so you can experience the …
€ 176.50
From price p.p.
Groningen from above

Citytrip Groningen

There's nothing like Groningen! As a typical student city, Groningen has a bustling city center. There is always something to do. Visit monuments, markets, performances, exhibitions, or grab a terrace on the …
€ 95.50
From price p.p.
Borkum 1

German Wad Arrangement

Always wanted to visit the German island of Borkum? Then book our two- or three-day German Wad package. Enjoy the beautiful Promenade, the seal benches or the water tower on the cozy German island and make it an …
€ 231.00
From price p.p.
Walking Pieterpad

Pieterpad Package

The Pieterpad is the most famous long-distance walking route in the Netherlands. The path takes you from Pieterburen on the North Groningen Wadden coast to Sint-Pietersberg in South Limburg, winding through a large …
€ 108.00
From price p.p.
Live Cooking breakfast buffet

Sunday deal

With our Sunday deal of Van der Valk Hotel Groningen-Hoogkerk you enjoy a wonderful overnight stay including an extensive breakfast buffet. You can explore our green surroundings or the city …
€ 99.00
From price p.p.
Walking Groningen

Lovely Autumn

Hello autumn! Leaves fluttering in the wind, that's the beginning of autumn! You know it, that cozy, warm feeling of the autumn months! A nice autumn walk in the woods, and then warm yourself up by the fireplace. …
€ 201.00
From price p.p.
Lighthouse Schiermonnikoog

Island of Schiermonnikoog Package

Discover the best of the province Groningen in one weekend away and combine a visit to the city with a wonderful day of fresh air on island Schiermonnikoog. Located less than an hour from Hotel Groningen-Hoogkerk, …
€ 201.60
From price p.p.