Reitdiep Groningen

When you stay at Van der Valk Groningen-Hoogkerk, a visit to the picturesque Reitdiep cannot be missed. You will be greeted by a palette of brightly colored houses adorning the banks of the harbor. These iconic homes reflect in the calm water, creating a postcard-perfect setting.

For every water sports enthusiast

Jachthaven Reitdiep is very attractive for (international) passing traffic due to its many facilities. You can rent a sloop at Jachthaven Reitdiep, so you can sail from Reitdiep for a tour through the inner city of Groningen, or discover the beautiful sailing routes through nature towards Garnwerd or the Hoornsemeer.

Enough facilities

There is even more to do in Reitdiep. Think about a supermarket, drugstore, restaurants, hairdresser, a hot bakery and many more diverse stores located right on the harbor. Enjoy a delicious meal in one of the restaurants overlooking the harbor while the sun slowly sets.

P+R Reitdiep

P+R Reitdiep is a convenient parking and transportation hub located on the outskirts of Groningen, designed to provide motorists with an efficient connection to the city. The site offers ample parking for cars and bicycles and is strategically positioned near major arterial roads. With regular bus connections to the center of Groningen, you'll be in the city in no time. So if you want to visit Reitdiep from Van der Valk Groningen-Hoogkerk, you can easily reach it by car or by public transport!

Staying at Van der Valk Groningen-Hoogkerk

After a day spent in the marina, there is no better place to unwind than at Van der Valk Groningen-Hoogkerk. Located a short distance from Reitdiep, this modern hotel offers luxury and comfort in a welcoming environment. Enjoy spacious rooms, an extensive breakfast buffet and excellent dining options. Plan your visit to Reitdiep Groningen today and discover a world full of color, culture and adventure!