When in Groningen, a visit to the city centre is not complete without climbing the Martinitoren. Also known as the d'Olle Grieze, this magnificent tower is 97 metres high and hereby the tallest building in the city. Climb the Martinitoren and enjoy a magnificent view of the city from the top.

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Over the past 500 years, Martinitoren has burned down, collapsed and been struck by fire and lightning. The tower has been damaged several times by natural disasters and various wars, but is still standing on the Grote Markt. The tower is 97 metres high and still the tallest building in the city.

Climb the Martini Tower

There is no lift in Martinitoren. To reach the top, you will have to climb more than 250 steps. Most visitors therefore also take about an hour for their visit. But rest assured, the trip up is worthwhile. At the first trans, at 39 metres, you can walk around the tower. After this, you can continue your way to the top.

The top of the tower

Once you arrive in the clockwork loft at the top of the tower, you can catch your breath from the trip up and enjoy a beautiful and expansive view of the bustling city of Groningen and its surroundings. Once you have admired everything at the top, it is time to start the descent.


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