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Did you know that you can cycle very nicely in Groningen? From Hotel Groningen-Hoogkerk you can explore the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe very well by bike and on foot. But there are also various bicycle routes to the city of Groningen. It is possible to rent (E-)bikes from us. Do you have your own bike? Then you can park them for free in our bicycle shed. We have described our favourite routes as suggestions below. Also ask our reception staff about the various possibilities.

Bicycle route 1: The green border of Drenthe and Groningen

You can cycle a lovely route in a nature reserve at the border of Groningen and Drenthe. You will also encounter the picturesque villages such as Peize, Vries, Tynaarlo and Onnen. In these villages, you can admire a number of centuries old monuments.

The beautiful Peizermaden nature reserve
Around Tynaarlo, you cycle through the best kept stream and angerdorf landscape of Western Europe. Let yourself be carried back in time 150 years in this area of Saxon farms, farmlands of the round high plots and meadows in the lower stream valley. Between Ter Borch and Peize, you will pass through the Peizermaden, a beautiful lowland moor are with bushes, hedgerows and wild pastures. West of the Zuidlaarder Lake, you will discover the Oost Polder, a flat peatland.

Churches of Drenthe
In angerdorf Vries, you can find the historic brink, an open space in a village centre on sandy soil. Among other buildings, this brink is home to the Sint-Bonifatius church, of which the ship and tower date back to the twelfth century. Peize is another angerdorf, home to the Paiser Meul, a grain mill from 1898. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the village was known for its hop production. Back at the starting point, hotel Groningen – Hoogkerk, you can reflect back on the bicycle ride while enjoying a snack and a drink.

Bicycle route 2: Discover dolmens from the city of Groningen

Special: just south of the city of Groningen lie a great number of dolmens. Discover them with this fun and varying route!

Time for one more cup of coffee at Van der Valk Hotel Groningen - Hoogkerk and then let’s head off to the dolmens! The first dolmen on your route is Go1, which has a huge capstone. For a long time, this was the only remaining dolmen in Groningen. Until another one was excavated in 1982 a bit further north. The dolmens D04 and D03 lie at Midlaren, which are jointly called the Hunenborg. They are nicely hidden between two old farms, along a romantic sand road.

City of Groningen
The city of Groningen lies at the northern spur of the Hondsrug ridge, the dolmen region of the Netherlands. As such, it is not surprising that you have a beautiful view of them from here. You will also cycle through the city itself for a while. It is worth the effort to get off your bicycle and walk over the Grote Markt. We also recommend visiting the Vismarkt, which has a number of lovely buildings, and the Korenbeurs, which was home to a lot of trade in the nineteenth century.

Bicycle route 3: Cultural history in the polder of Groningen

Groningen is known for its beautiful and wide polder landscape with lush meadows. You will also find small terp villages with large farmhouses and surprisingly old churches.

The old Reitdiep area
After just a few kilometres, you can start experiencing the endless vistas of Groningen and the silence associated with this province. You cycle through the Reitdiep area, the oldest cultural landscape of Western Europe. This area was spared the peat excavation and industrialization. Over 25 centuries of living and battles against the water have formed a landscape of terps, dikes, locks and meandering roads. In the fall, you can find large groups of lapwings and golden plovers on your way through the fields.

The wild Onlanden
Around the Leekster Lake, the largest lake of Drenthe, you cycle through the wild low moorland in the valley between the higher Drenthe sand soil and the Groningen clay soil, known as the Onlanden. This area is also home to beautiful vistas over meadows, as well as bushes and hedgerows. You will pass Hotel Groningen-Hoogkerk, exactly on time for a cup of coffee. You end the route at Camping Stadspark.

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You will sometimes end up in places with bad reception. Don’t worry, there’s an app for that. With the Route.NL app, you can also use your routes offline:
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