Van der Valk hotel in Drenthe

Did you know that the hotel Van der Valk Groningen-Hoogkerk is actually located just in the province of Drenthe? Drenthe, a province steeped in natural beauty and tranquility, is a paradise for cyclists and hikers. With vast forests, moors and plenty of activities, this region offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery and outdoors, and all within a short distance of our hotel!

Nature and culture

With its excellent location, the hotel in Drenthe is an ideal base for exploring the natural splendor of the region. National parks such as the Drentsche Aa and the Drents-Friese Wold are within easy reach, where you can enjoy forests, vast heaths and picturesque fens. For lovers of history, Drenthe's famous dolmens are something you must have seen.

Cycling and hiking

Cycling enthusiasts will find Drenthe a veritable paradise, with an extensive network of bike trails winding through rolling landscapes and passing charming villages and historic landmarks. Walkers are also spoiled for choice with plenty of opportunities to explore Drenthe along beautiful hiking trails.

After a day full of exercise, you can enjoy dinner at our hotel in Drenthe. Restaurant Groen offers a menu where you have a wide choice of tasty dishes, where the kitchen works with sustainable and regional ingredients.

Children's activities

There is also plenty for children to do around the hotel in Drenthe. Go to a play forest or visit the Landgoed de Braak with a maze in Paterswolde. You can also always spot wild animals with your children, such as a fox or a Scottish Highlander. And if you want to spend a day at the zoo with your children, Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen, 61 km away from the hotel, is also great to do!

Van der Valk hotel packages Drenthe

Are you looking for Van der Valk hotel packages Drenthe? We offer you a wide choice of special packages. Perhaps the 3=2 package is something for you. The 3=2 package consists of three nights including breakfast based on 2 persons. Discover the province of Drenthe and be pampered by the Van der Valk hotel packages Drenthe.

Spend the night in Drenthe

After a day full of adventure and discovery, the hotel offers the perfect place to relax and spend the night in Drenthe. The comfortable rooms are equipped with all modern conveniences and offer a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you come for the natural beauty, the rich history or simply to enjoy a relaxing stay at our hotel, we welcome you! Come spend the night in Drenthe and be enchanted by the charm of this beautiful region, while enjoying the luxury and hospitality of the hotel Van der Valk Groningen-Hoogkerk.

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