On Monday 9 January 2017, the Van der Valk Hotel Groningen – Hoogkerk opened its doors, after more than 10 years of preparations. In Van der Valk Hotel Groningen-Hoogkerk, the management is formed by Stijn Langebeek and his parents. Stijn is the 4th 'Valk generation' and the eldest son of Tjomme Langebeek and Corry van der Valk, who also run the van der Valk Hotel Drachten. Sons Sjoerd and Derk also contribute where possible.

The photos give an impression from the start of construction on Thursday 14 January 2016 until the opening. All Van der Valk hotels are now built under strict sustainability requirements. All new establishments to be built go further than required by law. Van der Valk recognizes the worldwide problem of the climate and wants to do everything possible to keep the burden from business operations to a minimum.

For example, there are hotels that build under the BREEAM, but also very sustainable non-residential construction (“measurement bar”) according to the yardstick. Two assessment methods to assess the sustainability performance of a building.

Hotel Groningen-Hoogkerk has chosen to build according to the standard. For example, the restrictions from the yardstick are that the EPC (energy performance coefficient) may be a maximum of 70%. Measures are also taken from the yardstick to keep the hotel multifunctional, as described below. The architectural and installation-technical design must be flexible enough so that it can always be given a different interpretation without much effort and waste of building materials (this is how you create a sustainable building). Also, only sustainably produced wood (FSC/PEFC) may be used and water-saving measures must be taken. To achieve an EPC of up to 70%, Hotel Groningen-Hoogkerk has taken the following measures