Sustainability Van der Valk Groningen-Hoogkerk

Van der Valk Hotel Groningen has positioned itself as a hotel that is committed to sustainability and the environment. We have developed several initiatives to minimize the impact on the environment and ensure a more sustainable future. Van der Valk is, of course, a family business par excellence and we believe it is important that we leave our planet in good condition for future generations.

100% Climate neutral

Since 2019, we are the first in the northern provinces to be able to call the hotel 100% climate neutral, due to the sustainability of our business operations and compensation of the remaining CO2 emissions. To limit the pressure on the environment, investments were made in sustainable techniques during the construction of the hotel, as well as the consistent monitoring of business operations after the opening in 2017. We have taken measures to make business operations more sustainable, such as water-saving shower heads, conscious waste separation, energy-efficient lighting and reduction in transport movements. In this way, Van der Valk Hotel Groningen ensures that the impact on the environment is minimized.

Less food waste with Orbisk

One of the initiatives we have taken is Orbisk, a sustainability partner that focuses on reducing food waste in the hospitality industry. We use the Orbisk scanner to measure food waste and gain insight into the causes of waste. Reducing food waste not only protects the environment, but also reduces costs.

Open Hiring

We also participate in the Open Hiring initiative, where we hire people without interviews or background checks. This initiative offers opportunities to people who have difficulty finding work and contributes to an inclusive society.

Too Good To Go

We have also joined Too Good To Go. This is an app that reduces food waste by offering excess food at discounted prices.

Green Option

The hotel also has the Green Option, where guests can choose not to have their room cleaned during their stay. This reduces the amount of laundry and cleaning supplies required, reducing the hotel's carbon footprint.

Sustainability and environment

All these initiatives show that Van der Valk Hotel Groningen is committed to sustainability and the environment. The hotel is an inspiring example to others in the hospitality industry and proof that businesses can play an important role in reducing their impact on the environment.